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Our German Spitz

Ch. Blacklore EbonyAngel

Ch. Trinian Parti Dream

Ch. Blacklore Platinum Blue

Ch. Trinian Black Velvet

Ch. Trinian Cosmic Danca

These are our current "kids"

Ch. Blacklore EbonyAngel - (Bee) - Whelped 14/4/98  Stands 13" -

Bee is black and a very square compact bitch - a fine example of the
breed.  She was titled at 12 months of age.  Awarded Runner Up Best in
Group and Junior in Group in Sept. 1999. Since then she has had countless
awards over a very colorful career, including Launceston and Hobart Best
of Breeds under International judges in 2002, and 2003. Bee is just short
of her Grand Champion title.

Ch. Trinian Parti Dream - Carly - Whelped 28/3/01 - 12.5"

Carly stands 12.5" and is a black and white parti-colour.  She is a very
confident, showy type.  Titled at 13 months. Best of Breeds both Hobart
and Launceston Royals in 2001 and 2004 under International judges.  Carly
has achieved numerous classes in group across all age classes.

Ch. Blacklore Platinum Blue - (Sox) - Whelped 16/5/99  Stands 13.5"

Sox is Blue with white markings, and a nice solid compact dog. Sox came to
us at 6 months of age.  Titled in February, 2001, Sox had a terrific
future ahead of him but was retired due to a leg injury.

Ch. Trinian Black Velvet - Maggie - Whelped 10/4/04 - 14"

Black with white markings, Maggie was titled July, 05 at 15 months of age.
 Nearing 2 years of age, she is maturing into a very nice bitch and should
have a good show career ahead of her.

Ch. Trinian Cosmic Danca - Jaxon - Whelped 28/3/01 - 14"

White with cream markings, Jaxon is a very light moving dog.  He was
titled in June, 02 at 14 months of age, and is a multi Best of Breed
achiever.  Achieved Baby Puppy and Minor Puppy in Group, Jaxon was retired
from the show ring in 2003.